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Feeding Biotechnology Technology For New Oskovsk

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Respectful employers!

If you have an open vacancy for our students or graduates, fax the application or e-mail address (see Service Contacts). You can find a way to write a vacancy application here. We'll be happy to help with the selection of young professionals. We appreciate your time!

Modalities for our interaction in the selection of specialists:

1. The enterprise (organization) applies for vacancy (requirement). We post information on the website, information boards and dormitories, and report to the groups.
2. The researchers (students and graduates) who have been interested in a vacancy are approaching us, after which the graduates ' employment assistance specialist interviewes them and sends them to the enterprise (organization).
3. When hiring our Searcher, the enterprise (organization) is obliged to inform us of his employment.

Form of application for vacancies

The paper application is addressed to the Director of the GPOW, the New Moscow Biotechnology Techniques, Zaysev Natalia Ivanovna.

Information on the employer:

Name of organization (full); scope of activity; head (FIO, position); address; area; contact person; contact telephone; e-mail.

Vacancy information:

Name of vacancy; functional duties; schedule of work; wages (rule); probationary period; social package; additional benefits.

Claimant requirements:

education; work experience; gender; age; additional requirements (primary knowledge of SC, foreign language, driver ' s rights, etc.).


Every year in the PPENovoskovic food technician Biotechnologies " are being advanced. Every year, new and new social partners are emerging, ready to assist in this work.

The most mature and effective way of carrying out prosthetic work has been and remains tours to businesses. The institute of mentoring is now beginning to be revitalized and developed, and it is also being developed by our social partners. The mentors are people who work in enterprises for the first year, know and love their work, can conduct a literate guided tour of the enterprise and are interested in technicians and students from 9 general education schools.

In the first three months of 2016-2017, 8 guided tours were organized for various enterprises, which are social partners of the technical workshop. 160 people took guided tours, of whom 100 were students of 1 technician and 60 school students with whom our technician also linked social partnership. We have visited such enterprises as the New Koskov Breadstock, ZAZar (mortal production), the Uzlovsky Dairy Combine, the Male Gate.

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