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Food Biotechnology Departments

Mélène Tatiana Victorne Professor of Food

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Meldin Tatiana Victorovna Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of Food Biotechnology of Vegetation Products, International Science Centre, Third Millennium Biotechnology, Dissert Board member D 212.227.09, member of the Food and Biotechnology Commission.


1971 - Leningrad Chemical and Pharmaceutical Institute, specialization of the chemical technology of biologically active substances.

  • The use of Moodle in the educational process;
  • Microbiology of food production;
  • Microbiological control;
  • Organization and licensing of microbiological laboratories;
  • Development of a virtual workshop for distance learning, direction of the Moodle SED in the learning process;
  • Beer technology.


1971-1985 - Leningrad Office of WIDHP, Senior Research Officer.
1986 - Leningrad Institute of Refrigeration Technology, Department of Food Biotechnology for Vegetation Products.
2004-2016 - ITMO University, Chief of Food Biotechnology for Vegetary Products.
2016 N.A. - ITMO University, Professor of Departments food biotechnology from vegetables.


Tatiana Victorovna has been conducting scientific activities since 1972. Projects have been introduced in the brewery and brewing industry. Under her leadership, 15 candidates were protected and 1 doctoral dissertation was protected.
Ongoing projects:

  • Biotechnology, processes and apparatus for the production of functional foodstuffs;
  • Study of the bakery properties of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains Y-3194.


T.W. Meldin is the head of the SPE, Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks, heading 19.04.02, as well as the head of masters, postgraduates and doctorates.
Current subjects:

  • Innovative beer technologies;
  • Basics of Driving Biotechnology (Train Master Course 19.04.02);
  • Theoretical basis for the cultivation of micro-organisms (for postgraduates under training 05.18.07).

There is experience in teaching subjects such as:

  • Chemistry and beer technology;
  • Solo and beer technology;
  • Vineya technology;
  • Mathematical methods of experimental planning;
  • Basis of sanitation and hygiene in the industry;
  • Dignation of beverages;
  • The chemistry of taste, colour and aromat;
  • Theoretical basis for the development of new food products.

The areas of professional interest of Tatyana Victornovna are biotechnology and the production of functional foodstuffs.

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