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Polytechnicians hit a culinary fight

Everyone who was interested in Roman mythology knows that there were nine museums, Apollo. However, the fact that there was a tenth, the art muse of cooking Kulin, doesn't everyone know. It is in her honour that an annual competition in cooking and service is called the Golden Queen. This year, the Championship was held from 8 to 10 November and allowed nutritionists, cooks, condoms, waiters, and youths, to converge in high cooking skills. Among those who treat food not only as a means of nutrition, but also as a real art, there was also a team of polytechnicians, high school tech students. biotechnology and food and the University Polytechnic College.Студенты колледжа - дипломанты конкурса в номинации Лучшая команда по приготовлению и подаче Ленинградского комплексного обеда During the culinary fight, their main weapon was the culinary masters, and our guys have proved very convincingly that they can prepare and present their gastronomical searches as much as the most masty professionals.

For the first time, the Golden Kulina took place in St. Petersburg in 2001, and since then the championship has become a good tradition. This year, the competition was held under the patronage of the Committee for the Development of Enterprise and Consumer Markets of the City Government. Presenting a bright and red show of cooking talents, the Golden Culina went through 14 nominations, and the main intrigue was that this time the competition was about the Year of Films. It was probably in the context of the circumstances and dishes presented by participants that looked beautiful, as in the films, and the winners were awarded the best film festivals, with palm branches and red carpets.

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