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Student Spring - 2016

The Calendar and Student Spring met on 4 April at the City Palace of Culture. Youth of Novomoskovska had two occasional reasons for the meeting: the opening of a regional anti-narcotic monthly, Vlade von drugs, and the gala-concert laureates and winners of the municipal phase of the All-Russian Federation Russian Student Spring.


The Chairman of the Youth Policy Committee, Irina Keykin, congratulated the participants in the New Moscow Student Spring and awarded the winners diplomas for their active participation in the municipal phase of the All-Russian Student Spring festival:

1. TO New Moscow Polytechnic College

2. GPOU " Teaching (college) of the Tul oblast Olympic Reserve " , where the laureate became:

- Nikita Professorsky - Nominations of the Estrada Wolves;

3. NI (f) FGBOU WO " D.I.Mendeleev ' s Russian Chemical and Technology University " , where the laureates have become:

- Roman Lanceov is the nomination of the Estral Wolves,

- Habak Vanessa Svelta - Horeography;

5. THU " New Moscow College of Technology " , where the laureate became:

- Carapechan Vyacheslav and Artem Lobov, the nomination of " Good word " ;

6. NF CUPO, Legal Police College, where the laureates became:

♪ Jana Hiletina and Kirill Deschin are the Horeography,

- Valeria Ovchinnikova - the name of the Estrad Wokal,

♪ Lithium Group - Vocal-Instrument Unit;

7. NGS, Tul Medicine College, where matures became:

- Chinnova Anastasia and Andrei Vibe - Theater of Small Forms

-Anastasia Eurofeeva - Nomination of " Perpetrian literary creativity " ;

8. TO " New Koskov " Food biotechnology" where the malls have become:

♪ Ilona Saveleva and Sergei Berezuzuki -- the name " Estrad Wokal " ,

- Sergei Berezuzki and Timofei Plotnikov, Apr.

- Alona Goodkova is the nomination of the APRI,

♪ Sergei Winnikov is the Zurnalistic mine;

Each creative team received sweet prizes and souvenirs, laureates and certificates for each participant.

The special prizes established the TrK-Novoskovsk television company, which delivered them to Sergey Winnikov (GPOU TO " NTPB " ), Cinenova Anastasia and Andrey Wibe (TOMK HOU).

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