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Summer school day

Далее мы поехали на

From 24 June to 1 July, a summer school for young engineering and production management professionals was held in the solar city of Krasnodar. It was attended by 25 lucky people who were selected from 300 agrarian and technological students. The project was organized by PepsiCo and the Cuban State Agrarian University (KubGAU).

Day One

Today, participants were addressed by PepsiCo: Sergey Ladé, Senior Staff Business Partner, and Svetlan Habarov, Corporate Charity Manager. Immediately after the solemn opening, they introduced the PepsiCo story, with the company ' s brands, to the company ' s position on the Russian market. In the evening, participants visited a tour of the historic centre of Krasnodar and participated in a team event that allowed them to meet each other.

Day 2

On the second day of summer school, guys went to the PepsiCo factory in Timashevsk, one of the largest dairy plants in Russia. The combination produces about 500 tons of finished high-quality milk from 28 Krasnodar farmers per day. The dairy show started with the tour of the factory. After that, the kids were invited to a round table with the director of Eugenia Sosidka. They were then expected from Natalia Bobikina, Regional Director of Quality, and Maxim Grigorenko, Project Manager. The product of the Timashev Dairy Combinate was completed.

Day 3

Today, the summer school was visited by an interview craftsman, at which the superviser of the Darya Pavlov staff selection team shared with participants the secrets of successful selection to a large company. Besides, on that day, the trainers found out about the basics of the project management. After listening to theory, participants received a mission to work on their own projects, which they will be submitting on the last day of school.

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