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Outlook For Food Biotechnology

Перспективы развития

The central issue of biotechnology is the intensification of bioprocess, both by enhancing the capacity of biological agents and their systems, and by improving equipment, biocatalizers (immobilized enzymes and cells) in industry, analytical chemistry, medicine.

The industrial use of biology is based on the technique of recombinant DNA molecules. The design of appropriate genes enables the management of animal, plant and micro-organisms and the creation of organisms with new properties. In particular, it is possible to manage the atmospheric nitrogen fixation process and to move the genes from microorganism cells into the genome of the plant cell.

As a source of raw materials for biotechnology, reproducible resources from non-food plant materials, agricultural waste, which provide an additional source of both feed and secondary fuel (biogaz), organic fertilizers, will be increasingly important.

The technology of microbial synthesis of human-centred substances is considered to be one of the rapidly developing biotechnology industries. The further development of this industry is projected to involve the redistribution of the role of crops and livestock on the one hand, and microbial synthesis on the other, in the formation of the human food base.

An equally important aspect of modern microbiological technology is the study of the participation of micro-organisms in biospheric processes and the targeting of their livelihoods to address the problem Environment from technogenic, agricultural and domestic pollution.

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