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University Of Food Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology Cafédra (Pbt)

CNITU / Institute of Food and Biotechnology / Food Technology Faculty / Industrial Biotechnology

6-6-1-2 Caphedra Industrial Biotechnology (PBT)

Chair: Sirotkin A.S.

Address: 420015, Kazan, K. Marx, 72, Corp. B; L. Tolstog, D.8/31, Corp. "K" (CTU), e-mail: prombiotesh@

Body inside. 89-19 Chair

Body inside. 43-28 Training laboratory (B-305)

Body inside. 89-38

Body inside. 42-07

Body inside. Computer class

Working mode:

Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Historical background:

The Department of Industrial Biotechnology (PBT) was established in 1982 to provide microbial derivatives by specialists on the " biotechnological industrial boom " . The cafeteria was preceded by the establishment in 1976 of the S.M. Kirova, Faculty of Technology, Science and Technology Institute (CCTI).

The chairs of the PBT were: Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Victorym D. G. (1982-1991); Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Gamayrov V. S. (1991-2004).

Presently, the chairman is a doctor in technical sciences, Professor Sirotkin Alexander Semenović, who completed the cafeteria of the PBT in 1989.

More than 20 candidates and three doctoral dissertations have been protected during the cafeteria. The Department of Industrial Biotechnology has a balanced scientific and pedagogical capacity and has sufficient knowledge and experience of professorships and teaching staff, as well as postgraduate and doctoral staff, which provide its graduates with a high level of knowledge.

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