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Bears On The Basis Of Industrial Biotechnology

Environmental and industrial biotechnology

The university ' s biotechnician began with the establishment of the MICS in 1965. The unit has been intensively developing the technology and machine for the production of microbiological stern protein, which has served as the basis for the establishment of eight large plants of the then microbiological industry. In 1968, a cafeteria and microbiological machines were established, which began training specialists for the new industry. In 1969, the first head of the cafeteria, d.t., Professor, for participation in the development of the stern protein technology Nikolaev P.I. was awarded the rank of the winner of the USSR State Prize. Focus The cafés were then trained in the development, construction and operation of biotechnology equipment.

Since 1985, the cafeteria has been called Biotechnician. During this time, the research base of the cafeteria was more detailed in the development of production, including hydrolysis, food oxy, dihydroxiacetone, antibiotics, amino acids, phototrophic organisms, chlorella cultivation, halophilic microorganisms, bacteriorodops and carotinotic resistance, ass.

Since 1999, due to the change in the direction of the vein and the establishment of the cafeteria IGU, the name " Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology " has been given.

At the same time, the cafeteria has become more active in the development and implementation of environmental technologies, including improved waste treatment technologies, biocomposing for the clean-up of polluted soils and precipitation, bioconversion of legno-cellulose materials, the creation of environmentally sound food storage facilities and the control of bread potato disease, bacterial leaching technologies for the bleaching of clephate cultivation and

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