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Biotechnology Is Based

Biotechnology Research Centre

Director - Alexander Alexandrovich HudokomCandidate of Biological Sciences (Cuban State University, 2000).

Established by Professor Emma Viktorovna Karaseva in 1996 at the Department of Genetics, and biotechnology Based on the Biotechnology Training and Production Complex, which has been in existence since 1985, to introduce scientific development into practice. A unique collection of micro-organisms, potential products and biological agents, consisting of nearly 900 different strains, has been established and maintained in the scientific and productive process. The collection ' s genophone may serve as a basis for many biotechnological developments, in several different ways. The centre has a young, successful team, constantly attracting students and postgraduates.

E. V. Karaseva

One of Russia ' s first employees in the centre has developed technologies for the protection of building materials and construction from microscopic mushrooms for individual objects: residential or office spaces, architectural monuments, depending on the nature of the building material, the extent of destruction, etc., and the selection of foungicides.

The reservoiring technology for the protection of burial solutions developed by the microbiologists of the Biotechnology Centre, together with VNICRneft, is based on the introduction of bactericides into the burial solution, which inhibit the growth of microorganisms of different physiological groups that destroy the chemical components of the solution, primarily the craxmal, the carboxymethylcellulose. Bactericid derivatives are protected by author ' s certificates and patents, and they have been successfully applied in the Krasnodar region, Western Siberia, Sahalina, the Kol super-deep well of SG-4 and others.
Biotechnology staff develop and apply individual microbiological treatment technologies from contaminated oil products. The biological detoxication of hydrocarbons polluting water, soil, soil, soil is based on the use of natural forms of microorganisms and biosurfactants and reduces the concentration of oil products by dozens and hundreds of times.

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