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Federal Research Centre For Basic Sciences

Council of Young Scientists

В России создан федеральный

On 3 April 2015, the Council of Young Scientists of the RAN-Fundamental Biotechnology Research Centre (SMF) was established on the initiative of scientific youth, based on the Councils of Young Fellows of the Institute of Bio Engineering, the Institute of Biochemistry A. N. Baja and the S. N. Vinograd Institute of Microbiology.

The WMD operates at the Centre on public grounds. The Council of Young Scientists is a voluntary, self-governing pool of academics, postgraduates and researchers up to and including 35 years of age with a view to bringing together scientific young people, expressing their interests, especially in the professional sphere and critical social issues, and working with the leadership, the Scientific Council and other structures of the Centre.

The activities of the ICC are governed by the existing legislation of the Russian Federation, the Statute of the Centre on the basis of the principles of voluntaryness, equality of all members of the ICC, self-government and transparency.

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