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Fundamentals Of Biotechnology Of The Russian Academy Of Sciences

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fasie2FIC RAN Biotechnology is one of the main organizers of the U.M.N.I.C. Foundation for the Promotion of Small Enterprises in Science and Technology for young scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences (UMNIC RAN).

W.M.N.I.C., a youth science and innovation contest, organized by the Foundation for the Promotion of Small Enterprises in Science and Technology. Programme started in 2007, Russian Academy of Sciences The programme has been competitive since 2008. More than 800 young professionals participated in the competitions of the URNIC programme, 150 of whom were victors and awarded grants for their innovative projects.

Objective of the Programme
The identification of young scientists seeking self-reliance through innovation and the promotion of youth participation in science, technology and innovation through institutional and financial support for innovative projects.

The programme supports the implementation by young scientists and specialists (up to 28 years inclusive) of medium-term scientific and technical projects (3-6 years) of effective commercialization of scientific results. The Programme can only be won once.

Participants are selected in five thematic areas of the Programme:
H1. Information technology
H2. Medicine for the future
H3. Modern materials and technologies for their creation
H4. New instruments and hardware
H5. Biotechnology

Competitive courses are held in two phases: pre-selections are organized in all thematic areas of the Programme and final competitions are held twice a year (single and autumn) in the RAN Bureau (Moscow, Lenin Prospect, 32A). The schedule and details of planned activities are published on the official website of the URNIC programme.

Financing Projects are phased over two years in the amount of 200,000 roubles per year under the grant system. The transition to the second year of funding is carried out by a decision of the Expert Council following oral hearings of the winners ' reports on the successful completion of all work planned for the first year.

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