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Eye Biotechnology And Genetic Engineering Pdf

Genetic engineering is:


- The molecular genetic section related to the targeted creation in vitro of new combinations of genetic material (recomminant DNA) capable of reproduction and operation in the master ' s cage. Source ... Compendium of Regulatory Documentation Terms

- the same as genetic engineering... the Big Encyclopedic Dictionary.

- GENDERIE, DNA molecule methodology (desoxibonulic acid) with the desired genome, which is then inserted into a bacteria, grib (breast), plant or mammals to produce the required protein. Methodics... ...a scientific and technical encyclopedic dictionary

- Genetics section, which develops the techniques of manipulace with NCs and uses these techniques for genetic research and the production of organisms with mixed genomes, etc. useful for medicine and the public sector. (Source: " The word of terms...

- a combination of techniques and technologies, including technologies for the extraction of recombinant riboneclein and deoxyribonucleic acids, for the distribution of genes from the organism, for the manipulation of genes and their introduction into other organisms; ... Source ... Official terminology

- [Eng Rus.pdf] Theme of biotechnology EN biomolecular engineering ... Repertoire of Technical Translator

- a combination of techniques, methods and technologies, such as recombinant ribonuclein (RNC) and deoxyribonuclein (DNC) acids, genes from organism, gene manipulation and other... Legal encyclopedia

♪ Terminal genetic engineering Termin in English genetic engineering of the Abbreviations Genetic Engineering of the Abbreviatur

- the same as genetic engineering.

- Gene Engineering Engineering Recombinant DNA technology. Modification by biochemical and genetic methods of chromosome material, the main hereditary substance of cells. The chromosome material consists of...

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