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Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology Issues

Abram yoyrash

Генная инженерия


The overriding of any boundaries, whether outer boundaries or their own, is invariably confusing with a sense of different purpose. It seems not even that a person, in itself, who believes restrictions and only because of that, can overcome them, is always accompanied by the entry into others. Once reproducing the situation of the border, a man is ultimately ritually re-establishing one single line, a line of memory, over which he or she is a creature formed by the flow of his or her inheritance, is initially denied. That's to power over the borders that give him birth and death... Nothing leads to this simple, in fact, thinking as time and technology issues that purport to eliminate and overcome temporary restrictions. The first direct manipulation of bio- and gene technologies in this area is undoubtedly the most important milestones of the current era and is a significant step towards the creation of a common theme of " border " within European-type cultures, a new development and living story. I don't think it's ever been so dizzy at the price of such research: a man starts to shape himself in his own way. By encrypting our biological structure and learning to change it, we get power over our own evolution. We're starting a trip to an unknown...

It is surprising that molecular genetics and related technologies have given rise to the biologicalization of the human concept. Today, the biologicalization of human beings is inclined not only by those who welcome the advances of genetics and have optimistic expectations, but also by those who follow them with concern, through their arguments of gross materialism: decay, from the decoding of the genome to the Frankenstein phenomenon, only one step and soon our fate will be in his hands. Regardless of the pole of worry, both ask a lot of questions. Will mankind now take its own destiny after a thousand years of dependence on nature? Will human life be mechanically executed by a program that is written in genes? How are we supposed to justify our notion of man in the future? "The man is what gives him his genes: the cohesive compounds of adenin, quote, tymin and guaninea..." Fortunately, talent, personality and lipstick are replaced by "genetic shopping" and that old-fashioned dispute between those who in the classic education tradition has passed. ♪

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