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Reference To Biotechnology And Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering of opportunities and prospects

Генная инженерия и

Russian State
Agrarian University - IUCN
To them. C.A. Timirazev
Kaluz branch
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" Genetic engineering: opportunities and prospects "
Achieved student 1
Faculty of Economics
Group No. 14
Aralina Elena
I checked:
Yudin Svetlana Nikolaevna
Kaluga, 2006
û Introduction
û Genetic engineering is...
û Genetic engineering capabilities
û Genetic engineering outlook
û Opinion. Reducing risk associated with genetic technologies
û Used literature
The central problem of biology is managing life based on its essence. The main objective of biology is to address the practical tasks of agriculture, medicine and life evolution management. The challenge is to create conditions for a sharp rise in the productivity of plants, animals and micro-organisms; to develop ways to fight for health, longevity, long-term human youth; to develop methods for managing genetic processes underlying the evolution of species; to address the problems associated with the widespread use of nuclear energy, family chemistry and spaceship flights. These tasks are carried out on the pathways of science. There's still a lot of surprises that break our usual visions to be made by scientists. This work will go in harmony with practice, with the deep development of applied biological sciences.
Science not only meets the challenges of today, but also prepares tomorrow ' s technology, medicine, Agricultureinterstellar flights, conquering nature. One of the most promising sciences is genetics that study the phenomena of organisms ' inheritance and variability. Inheritance is an indigenous characteristic of life, it defines the reproduction of forms in each subsequent generation. And if we are to learn how to manage life forms, to educate us usefully and to eliminate harm, we must understand the nature of inheritance and the reasons for the emergence of new heritage properties in organisms.
Genetic engineering is...
Genetic engineering is a technique of biotechnology that works on genetic restructuring research. Genotype is not just a mechanical sum of genes but a complex system that evolves in organisms. Genetic engineering allows. ♪ ♪

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