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Basic Methods Of Selectivity And Biotechnology

селекция растений животных

Table 54. Basic methods of sedition (T.L. Bogdanova). Biology. Missions and exercises. WSL benefit. M., 1991)

MethodsAnimal breedingPlant settlement
Parental couples selectionEconomically valuable and exterritorial (purity of phenotypes)At their place of origin (geographically remote) or genetically remote (non-natural)
(a) Non-natural (outbreding)
Crossing remote species with contrasting characteristics in order to obtain gerotic populations and to act as a heterosis. There's an infertility.Internal, inter-species, inter-natural cross-crossing leading to heterosis for the generation of heterosotic populations and high productivity
  • (b) Close (inbreding)
Crossing between close relatives to receive homosis (net) lines with desired characteristicsSelf-exploitation in cross-operating plants through artificial exposure to homosis (net) lines
(a) Mass
Not applicableApplicable to cross-operating plants
(b) IndividualStrict individual selection by economic value, decoration, exterrenceApplicable to self-exploding plants, clean lines are provided - the progeny of one self-destructive individual
Method of testing of producers by descentUsing a method of artificial insemination from the best male producers, the quality of which is verified by multiple progeny
Pilot receipt of polypodsUsed in genetics and breeding to produce more productive, harvested forms
EXPERIENTAL MUTHANEApplicable to receive reference material for the selection of higher plants and microorganisms
GENETICAL INSTRUMENTSThe creation of new compounds of genes in DNA molecules has great potential in microbiology for the production of medicines

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