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Methods Of Biotechnology In Livestock Production

Regulation of reproduction of agricultural animals

Биотехнологии в животноводстве

Animal reproduction is the main factor limiting the efficiency of livestock production on an industrial basis. There are different reasons for the obstacles to achieving optimal results in the reproduction of livestock. New methods enhance reproduction management. They are related to the manipulation of cells or embryos, using physiologically active compounds, and are therefore called biotechnological. These methods include: stimulus and synchronization of hunting, super ovulation, artificial planting, embryo transplantation, hamet and embryo storage, targeted generation of two, sex regulation, early diagnosis of pregnancy, birth control, chemical management, etc.

The stimulation and synchronization of hunting is carried out by means of a progesterone, the female hormonal hormone of stereoid nature, which regulates the course of the estroal cycle, lazylandins and their combination. This arrangement allows hunting by tribal animals to occur at the same time.

In the United States, a new drug called Sinhro-Meit-B is being produced to synchronize the body hunting in milk and meat pastures. He represents a combination of two hormones, one of which is implanted under the skin and the other is injected intra-mashes. The implant is placed under the skin of the ear of the body and the injection of another hormonal is immediately followed. Under these two hormones, the estric cycle of the chick is interrupted and temporarily stopped. After a while, the implants are removed from the ear of the animal, a new estrotic cycle begins. Since the implants are removed simultaneously from all bodywork, the cycle begins at the same time.

The use of hormonal drugs removes the need for daily monitoring of animal sexual activity. The advantage of synchronized hunting is the real possibility of forming homogeneous groups of animals during the seeding, concomitant birth, accurate counting of feed in groups.


The potential for reproducing mammals is enormous. Their ovaries contain tens and hundreds of thousands of vocytes. However, in the process of ontogenes, only a small proportion of them are carried out in the form of descendants. The rest of the vocites are subjected to abundance (focused development) and do not participate in reproduction.

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