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Methods Used In Biotechnology

Basic principles for the industrial organization of biotechnology processes

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General principles of segregation of substances

Microbial synthesis products originate from a bioreactor in the form of water soups or solutions, with a low core content and a large number of impurities.

In most industrial processes, during the first phase of the processing of the cultural fluid, the mass of the product from the liquid phase is separated. Liquidity shall also be processed if it contains metabolites of practical value. In production where the target product is cells as a protein source, the cultural fluid is only treated to allow the use of the water phase to be repeated and to reduce the generation of wastewater.

The technology applications used to separate cells from the environment depend on the nature of the product. For example, Saharans (chlebopecards) have relatively large cells and are able to navigate, so they are separated from normal drums by the flotilla after the burial of biomass. In the future, biomass discharged from the filter is pressed and produced by a product with a high living cell content with a high bread cavity.

Candida, which is the source of the feed protein, is poorly flotted and filtered. Therefore, growing hydrocarbons, as well as protein bacteria products based on methane and methaneol, are separated in the first stage, with several steps. The remaining water is removed by evaporation and all components of the liquid phase remain in the final product. Bacterial entomapatogenic drugs and fertilizers are also used for similar treatment. The end product can only be obtained in an active form by not dispensing it from a cultural liquid: the reactor ' s contents are evaporated and dry in conditions that ensure the viability of the final product. Untreated components of cultural fluid may affect the product ' s ability to store.

In the allocation and clean-up of metabolites, biomass unless it contains significant quantities productaffixed by adding a message or other solid components that involve cells or bottom mice - physical deposition.

Solid phase separation (small cellular material, intra-cell biopolimers may also be filtered. Because the filtered soup is prone to...

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