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New Methods Of Biotechnology

Bio-engineering, Biotechnology and Bioeconomics

Bioconomy (bio-based economy) is the most highly technological part of the economy, whose main components are the development, development and use of cellular technologies, genomics and proteomics for new products and processes, the use of renewable biomass and energy sources for sustainable production and environmental protection, and the integration of knowledge and applications in different economic and business sectors.


Programme: The Interfacult Master ' s Programme on Bioengineering, Biotechnology and Bioeconomics has been in operation since 2014. Jointly implemented by the IGU ' s biological and economic faculties.

Mission: To promote a safe and successful future, linking Recent developments in biotechnologyeducation and business.

Objective: To train middle- and senior-level managers and researchers with managerial competencies in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals to work in the corporate sector, innovative companies, research centres and government structures.

Whose program is this?

Bachelors, UPZ graduates and biotechnological and biopharmaceutical workers.

What's the program for the listener?

  • Enhancing professional competences
  • Stations in leading companies
  • Modular education system
  • Career growth

5 reasons why our programme is unique:

  • Modern teaching methods (kises + practice + internships)
  • Academic infrastructure and a set of relevant disciplines, including practical skills in the development of modern techniques and technologies in biotechnology and biomedicine
  • Involving large centres and companies in the learning process
  • Science, economic and business integration
  • Individual approach


  • Complete Bachelor ' s/ Master ' s or Specialist
  • Knowledge of key areas of biology
  • Introductory test - General Biology (letter)
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