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The Use Of Biotechnology In Seditions Allows


Методы биотехнологии

Genetic engineering is a tool for biotechnology. It uses molecular and cellular biology, cytology, genetics, microbiology and virology. Genetic engineering is used to obtain the desired qualities of a modified (genetically modified) organism. Unlike traditional breeding, in which the organism is subjected to changes in its own genome through mutations, genetic engineering methods allow the change of genome by introducing desired genes, including completely alien. Examples of genetic engineering are: genetically modified varieties of cultural plants with new useful properties; bacteria and mushrooms producing hormones, antibiotics, vitamins, enzymes and other substances for pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical purposes. Food and Agriculturethe creation of transgenic animals as living factories for the production of biomedical drugs, as well as new species of experimental mice (nocauts) for research into the functioning of certain genes.

In the field of nanobiotechnology, the creation of genetically engineered chemical proteins, ion channels and bio-motors with fundamentally new properties is the foundation of modern biosensors, drug delivery systems, etc.

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