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Back passage crack

Direct gut, anal crack, pain, treatment

The crack is usually one, more often located in the back comissour, on the backbone, less in the front spike (mainly women). Two cracks, one against the other on the rear and the front walls, are frequently encountered. Women aged 20 to 60 are more likely to suffer this disease.

The anal fractures may occur as a result of the injury of the rear-end channel to a solid rock with secondary infection. The crack usually occurs during the time of closure, with severe strokes, tension raising, and women are often at the time of delivery.

Also causes are mechanical injuries, vascular disturbances, changes in perian epithelium (parakeratosis), neuromural damage to the rear-passer. Hemorrhoea and inflammatory processes, i.e. Crohn's localization in the rear-end canal, are predisposing factors for cracking.

By corroborating the exposure of a high-fruited straight flora, the sliding section of the bulb in the incision area shall be scanned and then sealed, deepened, resulting in cracks, a longitudinal defect of the sliding casing with clear edges and bottoms. When the edge is chronic, the ulcer is sealed and tightened, especially in the distal part of the crack, where polypoly, connective drowning is formed - " precautionary bulb " , and in the proxy department, i.e., at the dental line itself, hyperplastic anal pine is sometimes determined.

The true crack is a traumatic plug of the rear passage wall, accompanied by a strong spasm of the shincter and an express pain syndrome. Unlike the various kinds of sediments and superficial bursts that can be located throughout the rear gangway circumference, the crack is always located only on a 6-hour mid-line on the cypherblat (cophole), less on 12 hours on the cypherblat in the back (front wall). This localization of cracks is due to the anatomy features of the rear passage shincter building.

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