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Bulk Wound Recovery

How is it right to choose a mouse to treat gene wounds

Many people saw gene wounds, many treated them. You'll agree, it's not nice. Do you remember how these gene wounds were treated? That's right, oil and all the different fluids, powders, etc. How did you choose a maze for treatment? Well, I'm sure they went to the pharmacy and they asked the provisor to recommend a mask to you. Are you sure that's the kind of mask you really need to treat your gene wound? You think? That's right. Not every mask can help in a specific case. The best option is to ask a doctor to a surgeon and ask his advice.

Ожоговая рана с некротическими тканямиTonight, we'll talk about the right way to choose a mouse to treat gene wounds.

Light wound with necrotic tissues

According to statistics in our country, some 12 million people are injured with skin damage, more often with upper and lower limb wounds. Many of the wounds are injected and need to be treated not only by various intravenous and intramural antibacterials, but also by local maize treatment.

As some authors corroborate and corroborate this by treating dozens of thousands of patients, that penicillin, cephalosporine, aminoglysis I and II generations, as well as drugs such as Vishnyev, Furazillin, Tetracycling Mas and other masias, are now infrequently affected by the use of anti-cromi.

Why is that happening? Because there's been a change in traditional microbial flora. Mushrooms and anaerobic drivers joined grams (+) and grams (-) of microorganisms. There is a mixing of aerobs and anaerobs in gene wounds such as bullets, post-traumatic wounds and patients with diabetic stops. This association of microbes reaches 98.8 per cent. Many micro-organisms have long not been sensitive to many types of antibiotics, as well as to masks on a fat, lanolin-vaseline basis.

Pharmaceuticals such as furazillin solution, beard acid, rivanols have already lost their effectiveness in relation to surgeons.

The fatality of " old " mazes is between 1 and 5 per cent, which necessitates the use of new broad-based medicines.

The only way to use the drugs is to take into account the stage of the early process! Let's talk about this a little bit. It'll be clearer for what we need to know.

Each wound passes three main phases or processes:

  1. The inflammation phase;
  2. The phase of regeneration, education and ripening of the margins;
  3. Education phase and reorganization of the shirt.

Translation of wounds

Перевязка раны Перевязка гнойной раны: дно раны покрыто белым некротическим налетом

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