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Levocol For Healing Wounds


мазьMaz Levomecol, a " beloved doctor " , has long proven to be an effective anti-bacteria tool that accelerates the recovery of wounds and contributes to the restoration of normal structures of damaged skin.

As both an antibiotics and a rapist, the Levomecol Maze became one of the most popular surgeries in the treatment of deep dwarfs, in varying complexity and in restoring the integrity of the leather cover after the stitching.

Composition and operation of the Levomecol Maze

Composition 1, 0g includes chloromphenikol 7, 5 mg, methyluracyl 40 mg, base - polyethylene oxide 1500 and polyethylene 400. Templephenicol is an antibiotics of a wide spectrum of action, methyluracil is a product that improves tissue paths and stimulates regeneration. The combination of these two leaves is successful and successful Rapid recovery: Lavomekol ' s place of damage is protected from infection and is also supported by a revival act. Polyethylene oxide 1500 and polyethylene oxide 400 are auxiliaries, they facilitate the uniform application of oil and help existing components to penetrate human tissue.

мазь ЛевомекольMain forms of maze Aluminium tube (25g, 30g and 40g) or dark glass bank (100g and 1000g). The structure of the mask is uniform and medium.

Levomecol, with anti-flammatory, anti-bacterial and regenerative effects, refers to combination spectrum drugs.

Thanks to chloromphenicol, the mask is effective in combating sustainable literate microorganisms, such as synonymous (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) and intestinal stick (Escherichia coli), staphyloccus spp. et al. Frequent or extensive use of masks may cause the resistance of microorganisms to the drug, but this process is relatively slow.

Methyluracil, which easily penetrates the surface layers of skin and accelerates the growth of new cells and the regeneration of damaged cells, the healing rate of wounds, cuts and post-operative stitches is increasing significantly. Moreover, methyluracil is a stimulant of immunity, which helps to increase the development of an interferon, a natural antiviral substance.

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