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Rapid Recovery

Eat these products

Пленка Полимедэл

Eat these products and your skin will be perfect!

We all know skin problems. And we usually decide them with cosmetics. And somehow we don't even think that food is the foundation of our health in general and of our skin in particular.

Unfortunately, there are not enough creams for the perfect species of your skin. Everyone who's ever changed their diet to the good appearance of their face.

A British Facelifting specialist Abigail James told me what superfoods you need to put on your diet if you're not happy with what your skin looks like.

Objective: No leather, no warming, and pigment stains.

What you need is:

In short, zinc. Abigail says this element is very important. Rapid recoverythe recovery of skin cells and for people suffering from the acne (this is dust, ears and other inflammatory glands).

It's easier to get the right amount of zinc can come from a spinate, pumpkin seeds and cocoa beans. So if you're suffering from leather, get on chocolate and white seeds!
What can't be:

Avoid greasy, processed foods with many sugar and hormonal additives. They're slaughtering the pores!

Also try to give up dairy products: some people themselves suffer from the intransigence of lactose. This leads to the emergence of dust and stains, especially in the lower face.

Objective: A brighter face.

Your goal is to start increasing the use of E vitamins. They are important to maintain moisture on the skin. They're protecting her from free radicals.

The world's greatest source of vitamin E is a long berries. But it's hard to get them. So focus on the anger: wheat sharks, yogurt germs, yachts, weeds, too.

If the skin is not covered with stains and is not too pale, your system must have enough lipokin. The substance is contained in red fruit and vegetables. He's the one in tomatoes.

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