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Recovery Of Wound After Removal Of The Tooth

How he cures the wound after the tooth is removed

Заживление раны после удаления зубаAfter the removal of the tooth, the normal recovery of the wound lasts approximately 4 months. There is a convergence of the edges of the sky, at the same time a blood clot is formed in the moon, which is replaced by a granular, then osteoid (coste) tissue.

Recovery of wound after removal of the tooth

  • The process of normal recovery of the moon is unabated. On the 3rd day after the removal, there are first signs of epilelation of the wound.
  • 3-4 days. Granular tissue is being developed.
  • 7-8 days. Most of the thickness is replaced by granules, while the edges of the vein form a new layer of epithelium. The thickness remains only inside the moon. There are small bones, the first signs of a new bone.
  • 14-18 days. Full epileption (follow defect) of the wound surface. By that time, the entire moon is filled with a screaming, rich cages of granular tissue. There is an intensive development of bone tissue from the bottom and the side surfaces of the moon.
  • Day 30. The osteoid tissue fills most of the hole from the side surfaces and the bottom to the center.
  • 45 days. The formation of bone tissue in the moon is still ongoing.
  • 2-3 months. The young bone tissue fills almost all the hole space. The bone marrows are reduced, the bones are stacked.
  • Four months. There is a new bone in the upper part of the moon, which over time acquires a normal rupture.
  • With the formation of the bones of the edge of the moon and the alveol, approximately 1/3 of the root length shall be dispersed. Over time, the alveolar ridge in the area of remote teeth becomes lower and lower. He's got an inner or exciting shape over the moon.

In the absence of blood clots, the moon survives by the formation of the granular tissue from the bone walls of the moon. Gradually, the edges of the spring are approaching it, the moon is filled with a granular, then a osteoid tissue. In the future, the formation of the bone occurs as described above.

Recovery of wound after removal of the inflammable tooth

In cases where the moon has been infected or during the operation, the bone or edge of the eye, the regenerative processes are slower. In these cases, an inflammatory process is being developed in the surrounding tissue, so the beginning of the bone regeneration and the epitalization of the wound is delayed.

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