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Recovery Of Wounds Without Scars

Rains can survive without scars

Раны могут заживать без шрамов. мышьIf you're seriously cut or burned, will there be a scar? You don't have to! Great news from American biologists: mammals can survive without scars. Experience had indeed been conducted in mice, but since the process involved conservative genes, the results were applicable to humans.

The fact that after a severe wound or burn, there's a scar, we're used to being an axioma. Recently, plastic surgery has given us an opportunity, for example, to smash the shirt with a laser, free of the unpleasant mark. However, the skin damage itself is used to being irreversible.

Recovery process of wounds ...revised

Turns out it's not like that! A college of researchers from the University of Stanford Medical School examined the process of regeneration of tissue after severe injuries. Scientists specifically investigated the recovery process depending on the presence of protein p21. This protein is an inhibitor (i.e. a retardant) of the 1A cycling cycling, which in turn participates in the change of phases of the cell cycle.

It has previously been known that p21 plays an important role in the regulation of the cell cycle and in the reaction of the cell to DNA damage. The other functions of the protein were known for a little bit. However, scientists have already noticed that the absence or inhibition of p21 in mammals leads to rapid regeneration of ear tissues without the formation of scars.

When they were interested in this pattern, they carried out research on how p21 works in tissue damages. The mice used to be a piercing, screaming in the ears of 2 mm in diameter, and monitored for a month. recovery♪ The researchers recorded the velocity of damage, the condition of cells and the level of exposure of the genes associated with the protein studied.

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