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To Heal The Wounds

The winter baptism of land in 2017

The Earth Celebrity 2017 will be 22 January at 10 a.m. Moscow time. You can get water all week. With the winter Earth's baptism!

The baptism of the Orthodox Judysian will be, as usual in the cavet scenario, on the days 18-19 January... but the true Earth's quest will be in 2017. 22 January and♪ In these days, the space beam will touch the Earth from the South Pole and slowly pass to the North on the Earth ' s axis of rotation.
The intersection of the Space Lucha and the Earth ' s Rotation axis creates a particular strain in the planetary system, so there is a particular magnetism that is most visible on the water condition, which receives a charge of 460 times greater. The use of winter baptized water for all types of washing, cleaning, healing, not only these days, but throughout the rest of the year.

People who can see or feel the amount of spatial energy between their palms can easily feel the gradual increase of this energy during the specified passage of the Cross-Cosmic Lunch. His presence can also be detected through a pendulum or a framework. Some technical devices also take over the strongest surges of the Earth's magnetic field of tension, but it is often attributed to flashes on the sun...

The great Creation of the Earth is for the following reasons:

The Earth ' s axis of rotation intersects with the Space Axe (Luc) of the Galaxy. The solar system has two such intersections in the year, one in January and the other in July. Every time such intersection gives rise to additional stresses in the magnetic forces of both the solar system and the Earth system, resulting in particular stress in the aquatic environment, as it is the spatial and temporal level of the third sphere of the Iron level of the planet. The whole water verse is about the Yellow Zone of the planet in its high synonymous-violet levels. The water becomes more intense, its properties begin to add quality, which is capable of shielding the effects of the thin layers of aquatic life.

The decontaminational properties of water reveal such filling often very dangerous colonies of microbes and infectious organisms. The ability of water to purify itself stems from the creation of special vibration conditions that make water clean and resistant to many destructive factors, the possibility of translating the magnetic recordings of CREAM into all other times of the year, provided that the water from the Creation in special tanks is preserved. The magnetic recording of vibration of such water allows water to be decontaminated even in the most dirty and stale waters.

The water on Earth's Creation Day is becoming an amazing target. Lighting water in the Creation Flows and washing its body will be useful and good. Grab a scream in Creepy Water, and it'll be a great impression for the whole year.

Water in all species will be whole, and as used for the body outside and inside, it will become even better.


What's happening on Earth in January and July?

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