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To Heal The Wounds On The Face

Use of mumyo in the treatment of wounds

купить мумиёAmmonio (horn wax) is produced by chemical treatment of ingredients. The natural means must not be such, so it is better to make a moustache or a washing stand on its own to guarantee treatment. The richest active substances are the Altai mumyo, so it has been targeted at the beginning of the course.

The treatment of the wounds does not only use the external treatment of damaged tissues. The water solution of the mountain wax is taken inside. He's been doing a whole thing from the inside, helping to spin muscle and bone tissue. For Speed up the recovery Any wounds shall be filled with mouse balsam prepared in the following manner: 0, 2 g of the substance shall be discharged at 300 ml of water; drinking at night.

Application of solution

Frequently, the release of a regular whipster results in the formation of a rank. She could start a hysteria, and if there's a street dust in it, it could start to be thwarted and infected with blood. The following means may be used to help the pistol wounds with no shirt:

  • 1. 5 g mumyo to dissolve 50 ml of boiled heat water to a knive pot. Fun with face cream. You don't have to wash it, put a layer of cream in, and then in 20 minutes wet out of the wallet. The cream should not be completely wiped out because it is left on its face all night.
  • In the morning, the face washed with a frozen mumyo solution. Pre-four g substances dissolve in 100 ml of water. Then the solution is poured into the food ice bath and frozen. They use one cube.

Med and mumyo mask

A good positive effect is a mumyo and honey mask. It is to some extent scrubbed if you take a sugarcane. After that mask, it's gone, it's not gonna be a whip.

  • The mumyo to drain the water to the calibre, mix it up with 1 p.m., put it on his face. It's 20 minutes cold water.
  • Med 1 p.m. and flies with peas to dissolve on the water bath. Put it on your face, clean the cold water in 20 minutes.

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