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Areas Of Application Of Modern Biotechnology


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Biotechnology, one of the constituent parts of the so-called sixth economic order, which includes also artificial intelligence systems, global information networks and super-speed vehicles, has gained significant importance in the past decades. The sixth pillar is characterised by the post-industrial society, which is now entering the developed countries of the West. Biotechnology is in the interest of both a number of biopoliticians and businessmen, political leaders and academics of different professions. The biotechnical sensation is a significant public resonance and is widely discussed in the media. The United Nations has been officially recognized as the technology of the twenty-first century.

What's biotechnology? Biotechnology can be defined as the industrial use of biological processes and agents by generating forms of microorganisms, cells and tissues of plants and animals with proven properties, i.e. the use of microbial, animal or plant cells or enzymes for the production, reproduction or transformation of materials (Egorov et al., 1987).99 However, the definition and similar definitions do not sufficiently reveal the specificities of modern biotechnology. Microorganism cells were actually used by humans in bread, raw materials, beer, wines from deep wood.

The essence of today ' s biotechnology seems difficult to reach a compact definition. Biotechnology includes a range of new working methods with living organisms (primarily single-cluster), new applications and new philosophical and methodological approaches to living (often it is said that biotechnology has created a new ideology). It is also worth noting the unusual organizational structure of the biotechnologist community (this conversation is at the end of section 7.2).

Among the most significant innovations modern biotechnology should include:

Genetic engineering (see details 7.3) is the ulterior change of organism genes by manipulation of its DNA;

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