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Concept Of The Lesson Of Contemporary Status And Prospects Of Biotechnology

Ethical and legal aspects of the use of gene technologies

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The seminar is being conducted following a study of the topic " Genetic engineering " under " Substance and Energy Exchange " and is designed for two academic hours. Preparations for the class start two or three weeks before it takes place. The teacher informs the boys of the range of issues to be discussed, as well as the list of literature that can be used by them in preparation for the seminar. In the course of the lesson in accordance with the five issues under consideration, all students in the class are divided into five groups, each of which receives their assignments.

Group 1 assignments. " The inherent danger of genetic engineering techniques "

(1) What is the potential risk of genetic engineering? Give specific examples.

(2) Are the proposals for a total ban on genetic engineering? Say your point.

(3) Do we need special safety measures in the conduct of genetic engineering? If so, what should they be?

Group 2 assignments. Bioethics. Central postulates of the Bioethical Code

(1) What is ethics and what is it doing?

(2) Why is it necessary to disband bioethics?

(3) List the central postulates of the bioethical code.

Group 3 assignments. “Ethical problems of genetic engineering”

(1) What's the value of genetic engineering for medicine? Give specific examples.

(2) Why are genetic engineering techniques related to ethical problems?

(3) Tell your opinion that it is better to use genetic diagnosis in an antenatal period when the identification of hereditary defects may lead to the abandonment of the child, or to the rejection of such diagnosis, so that parents who have the genetics of hereditary disease may decide not to have children at all?

Group 4 assignments. “Ethical principles of medical genetics”

(1) What's the genetic ethics of other bioethics?

(2) When and where were the ethical principles of medical genetics formulated?

(3) Name the basic ethical principles of medical genetics.

Group No. 5 assignments. Legal aspects of genetic engineering

(1) What legal problems do genetic engineering cause? Examples.

(2) What legal instruments guarantee respect for human rights in genetic engineering research?

(3) Are there legal instruments defining the obligations of States to provide scientific research in genetic engineering?

In preparation for the lesson, the teacher conducts consultations, helps to find the necessary literature, draw up a speech plan, select the actual material, etc. Schools collect material on the issues and tasks of the seminar. Each group will illustrate the presentation on its issue by drawings, charts, graphs, etc. The number of students attending the seminar from each group is not limited.

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