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Light alloys gave shape


OPS led by Alexander Romanov seized the VILS shares of "specially cynical techniques."

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Light alloys shaped the community

Yuri Sun

As I was aware, the General Investigation Department of the Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated criminal proceedings against a member of the Board of Directors of the OAO, the Russian Institute of Light Alloys (WILS), and the investigation suspects him in the organization of the criminal community, whose purpose was in 2004. The suspected Romans said "I" that they don't know what it is.

The MVD GSU initiated criminal proceedings against a member of the Board of Directors of the OAO WILS Alexandra Romanov under article 210, paragraph 1, of the Criminal Code (organization of the criminal community). In turn, ex-generator VILLSa Alexei Šeblikin, former head of the Selpobel Corporation, Alexander Braznikov, founder of Glenford, Dmitri Aleksandrov, and Farid Valeev jurist, are suspected of having participated in the RPF (art. 210, para. 2). This information was confirmed in the capital police department, but commented on the investigation ' s progress, referring to the secrecy of the investigation.

According to the IA regulation, an investigation by the GSO found that, at an unspecified time, and no later than March 2004, Alexander Romanov and other " unconstrained " persons had created a criminal association to steal fraudulently the rights to shares in the charter capital of commercial societies, accounting for 56,7% of the OAO WILS shares. In the future, the investigation considers that the alleged OPS participants expected to control the financial and management activities of the entire enterprise.

According to the investigation, the then head of the Selpobel Corporation, Alexander Braznikov, allegedly representing the interests of the co-owners of the OAO WILS, the Arbato Torgue, the C.O. Comtex Soft and the Modern Biotechnology O.O., held an extraordinary meeting of shareholders at the beginning of June 2004, which resulted in the appointment of the Aleksi-Shachief. He, in turn, in the investigation, took a direct part in the Alexander Roman Armed Forces Square of the WILS Building, organized on 13 June 2004.

On that day, on Saturday, several dozen young people, armed with baseball bats and cuts, entered the territory of the UAO, located on Gorbunov Street. ♪ ♪

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