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Current Biotechnology Feedback From Staff

The winter science school of future biotech was held in the subsoil

127009_o.jpg" The winter school collects the best students, postgraduates and young scientists from all over the country, helps them to meet each other, what is being done in related biotechnology industries and not only. The weekly charge of fighting and inspiration is usually dried into new ideas and projects. As organizers, after each school, we receive letters of thanks and an account of how the life of participants has changed since the event. It is motivated to continue to make schools more interesting and saturated.WFoVApWpsXE Future Biotech-2016 School is my third school as host and first school as a lecturer. Yuri Veckov and I told the participants how to look for the job of dreams, and we had an interview master class. The feedback we received after school has shown us that its participants are active and curious young scholars. "

Artem Isaev, Master of Scoltech" In my view, the Future Biotech school is one of the best areas of science that not only provides an opportunity to know what is happening at the forefront of modern biotech at first hand, but also provides an opportunity for interaction between students and young scientists from a wide variety of fields of science in the biology interface. This year, the organizers went to an interesting experiment, setting up an online broadcast of all school activities, which expanded the list of participants by almost 1,000.

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