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Modern Biotechnology In Agriculture

Biotechnology and agriculture

биотехнологии и растениеводствоSignificant contributions have been made to industry development and development. Although the biological nature of biotechnological processes has been uncovered recently, their use has continued for thousands of years.
From the point of view of modern science, biotechnology in agriculture is the industrial use of biological processes and agents through the acquisition of high-quality microorganisms, cells and tissues of plants and animals with proven properties.

Biotechnology is thus an interdisciplinary area of scientific and technological progress that emerged from the interface of biological, chemical and technical sciences.
The use of biotechnological methods and techniques is promising, but unfortunately not always a viable task. The complexity of the use of biotechnology is due to the complexity of processes and facilities used.экопродукты Any biological object is a self-sufficient system in which it is difficult to change any element without changing the others, it cannot be arbitrarily recombined by giving the organism a desired characteristic.
Plant crops are affected by a number of factors - weeds, rodents, pests, nematodes, phytopathogic mushrooms, bacteria, viruses, adverse weather and climatic conditions. The impact of these factors can significantly reduce crop yields, which means reducing potential profits. For example, only one Colorado beetle and a Phytophtora, a phytophthorotic rottor, can reduce 40 to 50 per cent Potato yields♪ There has been an increase in the incidence of virus infections that not only destroy crops but also contribute to the production of genophones.

Modern biotechnology Suggests a number of solutions that can significantly facilitate a number of issues:

  • The removal of plant varieties resistant to pests and environmental hazards;
  • Development of biological tools, use of their natural enemies and parasites, and toxic products from living organisms;
  • Improving the productivity of crops and their food (criminal) values.
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