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What Techniques Are Used In Modern Biotechnology

Integrated treatment of deep burns through the use of surgical necratomy and modern biotechnological methods complex treatment of deep burns on basis of surgical necrectomies and modern biotechnological methods of scientific article on health and health

Методы биотехнологии

Scientific work on " Integrated treatment of deep burns through the use of surgical necrotomy and modern biotechnological methods " . Science paper on Medical and Health

A. A. Alexeiev** 1, K. Z. Salahiddinov2, B. K. Gavriluk3, Y. Y. Türnikov1, 4
1HBU, Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Moscow; 2 Andijan State Medical University, Uzbekistan; 3 Institute of theoretical and experimental biophysics of RAN, Puchio; 4 General Clinical Hospital No. 36, Moscow
A comparative analysis of the results of integrated treatment of 86 patients with deep burns has been provided, with a total area of damage between 8 and 50 per cent of the body ' s surface where combined autodermoplastics (CADP) has been used to restore the integrity of leather cover, with the transplantation of cultivated vibrations in various modifications or traditional auto-oplast (ADP). It has been shown that active surgical tactics using early necractomia and CADP, with the transplant of vibreblasts in the biocolic cells during the treatment phases, can effectively restore the integrity of the leather cover through rapid epileption and the accommodation.
Keywords: deep burns, combined autodermoplastics, cultivated fibrlasses, rehabilitating leather.
Complex treatment of deep burns on basis of surgical necrectomies and modern biotechnological methods A. A. Alekseev1, K. Z. Salakhiddinov2, B. K. Gavrilyuk3, Yu. I. Tyurnikov1, 4
1 Russian Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education, Moscow; 2Andijan State Medical University, Uzbekistan; 3Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Pushchino; 4City Clinical Hospital No 36, Moscow The comparative analysis of results of complex treatment in 86 patients with deep burns, with total areas of burns from 8 to 50 per cent of body surface is presented. To restore integrity of skin in these patients, the combined autodermoplastics (CADP) with transplantation of cultured fibroblasts in different modifications. ♪ ♪

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